Ahad, 17 Februari 2013

tulisan 82 : better late than never

Assalamualaikum dear readers

*krik krik krik*

Ok, ok, its been what, 4 months since my last post and this is supposed to be the first for this year.

What happened between that?

Yeah, I am not going through that here. Haha.

Well, well, well, welcome 2013 sincerely from pensel!! Although its already February but still its considered as early of the year right. You never say May as the early of the year. Do you? Do you? DO YOU? Hah there you go. No argument there.

The Valentine's Day already passed so I have nothing to share on that. Sigh~ Now I'm lost.


Last Thursday there was this assembly for the maintenance department at my workplace. And I was asked to replace someone to give a safety tip. Sounds booooringggg eh?

So I decided to give health tip instead since health is forever important and slapsolutely you must be healthy to work safely.

I shared seven weird but somewhat cool tips which I found through the web. And they are.

 1. Disinfect a wound with honey
Dab the cut with honey before covering it with a bandage. Believe it or not, honey has powerful antibacterial properties.

2. Break a high fever with your armpits
To quickly bring down a high reading of your temperature, put an ice pack under your arm.
3. Stop bleeding with spice
Run cold water over the wound to clean it and then sprinkle on the pepper and apply pressure. In no time, the bleeding will stop. Turns out, black pepper has analgesic, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
4. Boost your energy with a glass of water
Water is nature's magis elixir. It improves your oral health, promotes weight loss and energizes you. Ordinary water, researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center found, raises alertness. Next time you need an energy boost, skip the caffeine and turn on the tap.

5. Sniffing green apple
It was found that sniffing green apple can reduce migraine and also help those with claustrophobia. Next time you buy the fruit, sniff it first before you absorb.

6. Stand up while you surf the Web
Instead of sitting when you poke around the Facebook, stand up and perch your laptop on a high countertop. It can eliminate the risk of dying from heart disease.

7. Prevent sore throats and headaches
If you find yourself regularly suffering from headaches or sore throats it may be that you are telling to many white lies. A study by researchers at the University of Noter Dame found that when people reduced the amount of lies they told, they suffered less anxiety, headaches and sore throats.

source : uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com, www.prevention.com, isucceedbook.com.

Thats the seven but there are more actually. You can freely google on cool or weird health tips and you'll definitely bump into interesting yet simple tips which you've never heard before.

I guess thats it for this new year post..Again February is still early of the year.Blerghh~

Andd before I end up this post, as usual, here are some of my covers which have yet to be shared in this blog. Enjoy!

Last piece from me

"Do remember that health is one of the key to sucess in Dunya and Akhirat" - my childhood Ustaz

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