Rabu, 9 November 2011

tulisan 50 : a half century already

Its not that i'm 50 years old now..*soon..soon..soooon..*

But its my 50th post already for this blog!!


WOW!!Kinda remarkable for a person so lazy to write even when being asked to *now i remember why all my past assignments were last minute submission...not good..not goood*.

Well, what is so interesting with the number 50?


Here are some logical and weird facts about the number 50

1. In Chemistry, 50 is the atomic number for tin 

2. The moon is fifty times smaller than the earth

3. In the United Kingdom, the M50 is the motorway which links Tewkesbury and Ross-on-Wye

4. 50 is the score on the centre of a dartboard (the bullseye)

5. 50 cent is really valuable for washing machine use in UTP

6. 50 cent is also a rapper

7. The two 50 cent above are not twin


8. The TV show Hawaii Five-O is so called because Hawaii is the 50th state

9. 5-O (Five-Oh) is a slang for police officer and/or a warning that police are approaching

10. Blue whale weighs about 50 tons at birth

11. On the 2nd November 2011, a 50-year-old mango tree fell onto and extensively damaged three vehicles in Terengganu. Source from thestaronline.

12. Year 2011 is the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight

13. A butique named 'Number Fifty' is located in Singapore

14. This is the 50th post for this blog.buhahaha~


Haha. Yosh!! I must not let this blog die in vain the same as my other past blogsssss *yes there are lots of them before*

That's all for now~


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