Selasa, 3 April 2012

tulisan 72 : good ol'memories

I believe some might know me for my passion in nasyid. I can still remember people calling me Zakuan Nasyid just to distinguish between me and the other Zakuan or Zakwan or Zaquan. Sigh~ I'm still puzzled why is it so hard to spell my name correctly? Maybe we can suggest putting my name in the spelling bee competition.

Why do you always spell it wrong? Timkaii?? Komengaa??!!

Its easy~


once more 

Ok now back to our main topic. Haha~

Wonder why I mentioned about nasyid in the first place? 

Well, its just that lately I've been busy going to my alma mater, SMKA Al-Irshad to train my super juniors. Training nasyid of course. That's them in the pics above. Since there's nothing much to do for my remaining holidays, out of the blue, I agreed to train them with the very little knowledge that I have. Seriously its been a really long period since my last nasyid performance.

Looking at these pictures really reminds me of the good ol'days of mine in this so-called Asdaulfikr nasyid group. Sobsss~ Lotsa memories I tell u. Playing with the surau' microphone while others were sleeping. Swallowing raw eggs to clean throats. Yuckss~ Training nasyid and doing homework at the same time. Using nasyid as an excuse to escape classes. Haha. And the best was to win and represent Penang in the national stage =). Though we always fail to obtain good ranking there. Huhu~

6 years had passed.Wow~ that long huh? 

So, while my nostalgic-mode was on, I went through my old picture albums hoping to find some nostalgia materials. That's the purpose of the albums rite? Durhhhh~

And here we go~

My apology for not having a scanner. There are lots more but they're not quite appropriate for viewing. You knowww~Boy stuff. Haha. These pictures were taken in 2006 where we, Asdaulfikr represented Penang for National Anti-Drugs Festival which was held in Pahang for that year. Oh myy~ I sure looked different back then. Now is better =P

Anyhow, the super juniors are doing well now. InsyaAllah they're going to compete on this coming Wednesday and Saturday. Wish them all the best =)

Haaa..before I forget. I just bought a condenser microphone almost two weeks ago. Its my first online purchase and I had already tried some recordings using it. Hope you guys can hear and enjoy it!! Just me doing cover of songs. The quality is slapsolutely not perfect as in studio recording but close enough. Haha. Nahhhhh..Just kidding.Not even close~

That's all for now.

p/s : Labuan!! here I come!!

4 pengasah pensel:

Tg.A berkata...

pergh.. da jadi rekoding artis, jgn lupa member2 utp. kekeke.

Zakuan Ahmad berkata...

rekording artis yg dilupakan.haha

taksuke kucingatal (^^) berkata...

dengar lagu muhasabah cinta, konpius den ni suara edcoustic ke zakuan? kehkehkeh kembang semangkuk laa pasni

Zakuan Ahmad berkata...

haha.nampak benoo nipunyerr kak hajar ;P

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