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tulisan 44 : manchester united poreberrrrr

First of all

I'm hooommeeeeeeee


Oh yeahh...Oh yeahh...

Yes, as the animation suggest, I am now relaxing to theee maxxxx but without those Alleycat hair, inverted U moustache and huge spectacle of course. He looks good though~

Cuti ni penulis berkesempatan melawat abang dengan keluarga beliau kat KL. Bukan kat KL pun sebenornya. Kat Kota Warisan, Sepang. And guess who did I meet there?

Its them!! Irene Zafyra and Elyssa Maira!!

Hilang rindu Paksu kat anak buah dua orang ni. Makin kiut depa ni. Si kakak Irene pulak tak reti nak berenti becakap..pot pet pot pet~ Haha. Pandai pulak kakak main webcam Paksu. Good to see both are smiling and getting bigger. Elyssa the youngest pun da pandai bejalan. Tatih-tatih ke sana ke sini. Tak reti duk diam betoi la budak-budak dua nih. Thanks to my brother and sis-in-law for the hospitality.

Aik..macam da lari tajuk ja ni.hahaha

For those yang tak tahu lagi, last night Manchester United baru saja mencipta rekod permulaan liga terbaik since 1985/1986 with five straight league wins with 3-1 against Chelsea. Those five games were not easy though with the kinds of Arsenal and Tottenham but still we managed to cope and made the difference.

What I can say is Manchester United now is phenomenal. With the new and young faces coming in and the maturity of the present players, the game they play now gets more exciting. Who would imagine the night where United crushed Arsenal with eight goals to two? Nobody will ever think that will happen. But it did happen!!!

It was unbelievable how 'sayur' was Arsenal that night and even Sir Alex felt sorry for Arsene Wenger.

I was a Manchester United fan since I love football and I am still their fan and will be forever. Last night game where United beat Chelsea three goals to one was quite funny.

Feeling goooddd
Opocot!! p mana bola hang sepak hoiii~
"Why me no goal?!!", Fernando Torres
"Adoi, saket perot aku tengok hang tak score", Villa Boas

Or very funny. Rooney's terrible penalty and Torres soo-easy-goal-you-can-score-while-drinking-tea-with-your-legs miss. Maybe he really drinks his tea with his legs. Thats why he missed. No leg to score. Haha. Sorry Chelsea fans. It was really funny since Torres only got two goals since January with all the money spent. All the best to him in the future though~

Things are getting better for the Red Devils with Manchester City failed to defend their two goals lead at Fulham and getting only one point. I really thought that City is going to be the biggest threat and unstoppable at the moment but after the draw with Fulham, they are still human after all.

All in all, it is till early too predict who's the champion and there will be plenty more excitement to come in the future. Hoping to see Arsenal gets back to their feet and start to bring their free flowing football again after that poor 4-3 defeat to Blackburn. This season makes me crazyyyyy~ it is still early but the awesomeness already started. Go go Manchester United!! Make me proud son. Haha.

p/s - penulis tgh berjinak-jinak dengan .gif ni. seronok pulak ada animation ni.

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putera aftus berkata...

mu taboleh menang season ni. mc yang menang. tengok la.

Zakuan Ahmad berkata...

bak datang...bak datangggg~

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