Selasa, 5 April 2011

tulisan 18 : productive muslim

As muslim we should always be productive everyday till the end of our life right??

But how? I wonder. Sometimes we might need something, something refreshing to boost our productivity rather than just working and working restlessly.

Well, I think this great website will surely help us out !!

Check it out guys! *just click on the picture below*

Its totally a great source to refresh ourself by making sometimes to read some of the articles there. I find them very relaxing and informative.

What's more interesting *to me* are the videos from productivemuslim animation production which are surprisingly creative and really convey meaningful messages. Watch some of them here.

Cool huh?? Haha..More videos can be found in their website or youtube channel.

Don't forget to take your time just for a minute or two to visit this wonderful website and be a productive muslim!!

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