Ahad, 20 Mac 2011

tulisan 11 : me heart photography

Apart from nasyid, photography is also a must for me.

It is how I appreciate Allah's creations through my eyes. 

I couldn't recall since when did I start exposing myself into the so called 'photography world' but one thing for sure is I enjoy it!!

People nowadays will most probably find the world they are living to be boring without TV, the internet *boring jugak la.haha*, and all other sophisticated stuffs. Often we forget the beauty of our nature and even ourselves *asyik mengadap komputer ja*. But how about if you try for once to take a day for yourself and go outside with a camera in hand. Take as many pictures as you wish of people around you or flowers or anything that attracts you randomly at anyplace that you want *jangan pegi masok umah anak dara orang pulak*. When you take a look back at the pictures, definitely there will be things that will amuse or amaze you. That things are the reason why I am so in love with photography. For instance, you know for yourself that smile is the best medicine and I really do find capturing people smiling *naturally of course* is very pleasing and satisfying. So smile guys!!*sedekah tuh.tapi berpada-pada la noooohhh*

Well, of course great pictures come with great skills. I'm not pro and well equipped as well *hoping to be.huu* but as long as it is enjoyable, why should I stop? It does not matter actually whether you love photography or not. You can do anything as you wish. It is just that no matter how hard the world is today, we must appreciate everything that we have around us because we live in it. And I appreciate things through my lens *bukan contact lens*. Feel free to have a look through my flickr photostream *sempat lagik promote tuh.kuang3~* or you can find them at the sidebar of this blog in the form of thumbnails. 

Appreciate, Appreciate and Appreciate. Because as I said before, His creations is second to none.

They are totally beautiful aren't they?

6 pengasah pensel:

Tg.A berkata...

hai zak.

nk ikot ah kalo ko g photoshoot. hehe

Zakuan Ahmad berkata...

hai anis!

jom3..bwk satu kampung pn xpe!!meriah sket.haha

p/s - aku da folow blog ko..sila folow balek!!=P

Athirah berkata...

asal xda gambar sy ea lam blog ni???

Zakuan Ahmad berkata...

sbb xdak lam kamera..cmna nk ada.ish3~cepok kang

Athirah berkata...

loh... awat xamik?? huhu

Zakuan Ahmad berkata...

junior2 zaman la juai mahai..xpun p buat blog sndrik pastu tempek byk2 gmbaq sndrik..haha

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