Jumaat, 25 Mac 2011

tulisan 13 : a touching story

In the mid of spring at a garden full with flowers sometimes ago~

There were these two little kids. A boy named Kevin and a girl named Sara.

Alone together, these two cute lil'couple play like any other kid of their age. Running here and there. Jumping with joy. Doing everything they want as if the world are theirs.

But then, unintentionally, Kevin touched Sara's hand. Sara was totally surprised with that. Without hesitation, she touched Kevin's hand back.

The End.

What a touching story.


5 pengasah pensel:

Cik Amoi. berkata...

memang touching story ni!

aku dah ready tissue nak nangeh tadi. Pfft! haha

Athirah berkata...

touching sgt... dalam byk2 story yg ni yg paling touching.. mmg nangis kaw2 laa.. hhuhuhu

Zakuan Ahmad berkata...

touching kn kn kn..sob3~

Athirah Ahmad berkata...

alalala. tacing giler. sobsob!
habis banjir bilek aku nih. (=.=")

Zakuan Ahmad berkata...

kan kan kan..ahah =P

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